So Far We’ve Given You Techie Gift Ideas For Golfers, Tennis Players, Dog Lovers, New Parents, Runners And Gadgets To Help Your Loved One's Sleep Better .

Priced.rom $199.95.  Dragon Transition Lens: The Dragon Transition lens uses photo chromic technology to create a goggle lens that adjusts to the light conditions of an every changing weather day. Made of bamboo with all recycled materials, these ski poles are an essential item. The I/O goggle was already one of the hottest goggles on the market thanks to its quick-changing lens system and superior anti-fogging. The CD Camera Goggle, which seems to have dropped the “iON” name, combines eye wear and videography, integrating a 1080p action cam right between the eyes. Shovels are a necessity in the back country, but most are pretty one-dimensional. Pre-order for $99.99 at OnBeep Black Diamond Halo 28 JetForce Avalanche Airbag If you're skiing ambitions extend beyond the orange boundary ropes into the wild, uncontrolled back country, an avalanche air bag is one of the pieces of safety gear you should look into. Nine must-have ski gadgets for skiers and snowboarders Burton Screengrab Gloves: Snowboard brand Burton offer ScreenGrab technology on a range of their snowboard gloves and mittens to ensure your hands stay warm while operating your beloved smart phone technology. evade Heated Base Layer: Imagine a compression garment that keeps you warm on the exposed chairlift during this sub zero days. So far we’ve given you techie gift ideas for golfers, tennis players, dog lovers, new parents, runners and gadgets to help your loved one's sleep better .

Some neuroscientists call this reaction the One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest effect, named after the book and movie featuring a psychiatric nurse who wielded electroshock therapy like a weapon, turning rebellious spirits into complacent zombies. But leaving aside the fact that electroconvulsive therapy (to give that treatment its proper name) is widely regarded as a valid way to shake deeply depressed people out of despondency, theres the matter of magnitude to consider. In typical ECT, a current of 800 or 900 milliamperes flows through the patients head, causing a seizure that serves as a neurological reset. Halo Sports current tops out at 2 mA. Its more like being hooked up to a potato battery than an electroshock machine. Im eager to see what a couple of milliamps will do for my motor cortex and biceps when I march through the doors of the Menlo Park training facility on that April morning. As a Guns N Roses song echoes through the cavernous space and free weights clang onto the concrete floor, I chat with the Halo employee who brought my gear. The Halo Sport is meant to be as intuitive and easy to use as an Apple product, with just one button on the headset and all functions controlled by a smartphone app. I can change the stimulation level and duration (20 minutes is standard) and choose between stimulation settings that focus on the upper or lower body. The Halos spongy electrode pads are tucked into the band between the earphones; when I settle the device on my head, the electrodes naturally rest over my motor cortex, a strip of brain tissue that arcs from ear to ear.

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These wireless audio drop-in for ski helmets connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device with easy one-touch pairing, and are compatible with newer models of the following helmet brands which have an audio-enabled liner: Bern, Anon, Giro, Smith Optics, PAC, Pro-Tec, Solomon, and boll. The I/O and its siblings I/OS and I/OX have been named among the best out there by publications like Freeskier and SKI magazine, and your humble author has been using them hLappily for years. Vila, out pops skis or snowboard 100 per cent unique to you. Made of bamboo with all recycled materials, these ski poles are an essential item. All the necessary hardware needed to build the sled is included in the handle. The secret is in 3500 different photo chromic dyes chemically blended into one lens. If you're stuck for ski and snowboard friends, a lift to the snow or just want to meet like minded snow lovers then download this app. Ski helmets are different from other types of helmets because they are designed and tested to protect you from injuries that might occur from falls experienced skiing as opposed to other sports.

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